Bonding refers to tooth colored restorative material that can be used to treat teeth in many different ways.The bonding material is a resin that strongly adheres to tooth structure and comes in many different shades to match the tooth. Bonding has been used for many years but the materials and the technology are continually improving. Current materials hold up very well long-term and blend in so well that they can hardly be detected.Bonding can be used as a filling material and has several benefits over traditional amalgam(silver) fillings. Placing a bonded filling is a more conservative procedure in that less tooth structure is removed in the process. Bonded filling material actually bonds to the tooth and the aesthetic far superior to amalgam.
Bonding can be used to repair fractured front teeth or in cases where cosmetic improvement is desired. This can usually be accomplished in one appointment and in many instances without any anesthetic. Dr. Solar would be happy to answer any of your questions about bonding.

Before Bonding


After Bonding
After Bonding