Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)
Nitrous oxide is available at Dr. Solar’s office for patients who are anxious and would like something to help them relax through their dental appointment.
Nitrous oxide is a gas that is breathed along with oxygen to safely decrease a patient’s anxiety. The patient has control of the effects from the gas. If the patient solely breathes through their nose, the effects from the gas will be greater; and if they breath through their mouth, the effects will be less.
A great benefit of using nitrous oxide is that the onset of the effects occur quickly and leave just as quickly when the patient stops inhaling the nitrous oxide.
Local anesthetic is still necessary while using nitrous. The effects of nitrous vary from patient to patient and from appointment to appointment. The patient will be relaxed but still conscious for the procedure. Note: There is a fee for having nitrous oxide and it is based on how long it is administered.
If you are interested in having nitrous during your dental appointment, please speak to Dr. Solar or his staff about it.